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A crucial part of software development, logging is a process of record keeping an application’s runtime behavior such as processes, data input, data output, errors and warnings. While the primary usage is to debug, test and statistic analyze, it is also useful in assessing users’ preference when using the program.

Logging is an important part of life — Pileated Woodpecker

Ruby provides you with a tool to accomplish this task: the Logger class: “a simple, but sophisticated logging utility that you can use to output messages”. You can have one logger object for each type of log, or one for each class, or any other combination…

The web is built of nothing but data, and its packaging and transportation are crucial to the operation of such global networks. Serialization is a process of transforming data structures into format that can be stored, transmitted and reconstructed later.

While there are many different data-interchange formats such as MongoDb, Protobuf and YAML, the most popular and exclusively supported by REST APIs are JSON and XML. When using Rails as an API, information is wrapped up in JSON and sent to the frontend to be rendered, and reversely, data inputted in the front is converted and transported to backend to…

API, or Application Programming Interface, provides your application with an immense tool of real time data, made possible by an interactive communication between systems and users of such programs. Among the likes of XML or YAML, JSON, which stands for JavaScript Object Notation, is the most often used format to store and transfer nested data over the internet.

There are a few ways to take in an API endpoint and parse it down to workable format of data, such a hash or an array, in Ruby and specifically Ruby on Rails. …

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